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1716年創業の酒蔵 善六 Zenroku, a sake brewery founded in 1716

北陸街道今庄宿(ほくりくかいどう いまじょうじゅく)にて時代と共に歩んできた酒蔵善六。奈良や京の都から越の国に赴くとき、越の国から都に上るときに必ず通過する街道であり、越前最後の宿場。大伴家持、紀利貞、紫式部、西行、道元禅師もこの道を通ったと言われています。今庄宿には、今なお味わい深い街道ロマンが息づいています。 Zenroku Sake Brewery has lived with the times at Imajojuku on the Hokuriku Kaido Highway. It is the last inn in Echizen, and is a highway that people always pass through on their way from Nara or Kyoto to or from Echizen to the capital. It is said that Otomo Iemochi, Ki Risada, Murasaki Shikibu, Saigyo, and Zenji Dogen also passed through this road. The romance of the road is still alive and well in Imajo-juku.


福井県随一の軟水仕込みの酒。 The best soft-water brewed sake in Fukui.

北陸街道今庄宿(ほくりくかいどう いまじょうじゅく)は、山に囲まれた清らかな水の里。山から湧き出る水は、けい石岩盤層を潜り抜けた県内随一の軟水であり吟醸酒向きです。今庄宿にて中世初期より街道を行き交う人々に愛されてきた当酒蔵の酒は、今も手造りで、一滴一滴にロマンと物語を秘めた酒造りをしています。 Imajojuku on the Hokuriku Highway is a village of pure water surrounded by mountains. The water gushing from the mountains is the softest in the prefecture, having passed through the Keiseki bedrock layer, and is suitable for ginjo-shu (ginjo sake). The sake from this brewery, which has been loved by people passing by on the road since the early Middle Ages at Imajo-juku, is still made by hand, with romance and stories hidden in every drop.


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オリジナルのお酒を造りたい方へ For those who want to create original alcoholic beverages

OEM、PBも承っております。下記の項目以外のご依頼も、どうぞお気軽にお問い合わせください。 【オリジナルの日本酒を造りたい方】お客様にて酒米等の原料供給をされる場合(例 自社農園の酒) 【オリジナルリキュールを造りたい方】当酒蔵の日本酒にブレンドする果汁供給(例 自社の果実酒) 【プライベートブランド商品】当酒蔵の日本酒を原料とする場合 OEM and PB are also available. We are happy to make other requests as well, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to make your own original sake If you supply your own raw materials such as sake rice, etc. (e.g. sake from our own farm) For customers who wish to make their own original liqueur Supply of fruit juices to be blended with sake from our brewery. (e.g. our own fruit wine) Private brand products When using our sake brewery\'s sake as a raw material.


北陸街道今庄宿の酒蔵 善六ZENROKU Sake brewery Zenroku, Imajojuku on the Hokuriku Highway.

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