〒919-0131 福井県南条郡


A traditional sake brewery located in Imajojuku on the Hokuriku Highway in a mountain village in Fukui Prefecture.
We brew the best soft water sake in Fukui Prefecture.
The 300-year history of the brewery has produced a wide variety of sake, including “Hijiri No Miyo”(Hijiri-no-Miyo means “holy this world).

We offer more than 20 kinds of sake, including “Hijiri-no-Miyo ,” a long-term low-temperature aged daiginjo, junmai ginjo, ginjo-shu, ginjo-shu, junmai-shu, nigori-shu, unfiltered sakefrom the first brewery, and Imajo specialty vine-aged persimmon liqueur. How about these gems for your home or as a gift?